Essential Policies for the Columbia Community


Columbia welcomes minors to our campus every day. They are part of our academic programs and activities, athletic programs, summer camps, the (K-8) School at Columbia University, medical clinics and practices, and affiliated childcare centers. We all bear a special responsibility for their care and protection, and we all need to act immediately when we reasonably suspect they may be at risk.

Reporting Suspected Abuse and Maltreatment of Minors

This policy creates an independent duty for members of the Columbia University community who interact with, supervise, chaperone, or otherwise oversee minors in programs or activities at the University or sponsored by the University to report immediately if they have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or maltreatment of individuals under the age of 18.

The full policy is available in the Administrative Policy Library at Click here to read the full policy.

We also encourage you to visit the Protection of Minors website, which contains links to the related policy, training, flyer, and other resources. You will find a number of resources geared towards employees and volunteers who work in our programs involving minors.